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Goal Setting

  • Set one Goal that you really want to achieve.
  • You can get started quickly with one template Goal and Plan. 

Go ahead now, set your first goal to get started!

WARNING:  If you skip this step of the next one, you may never get started !

Taking Action as soon as you can will maximize your chance of making progress.  

To get started very quickly. you can go ahead and define your most important Goal, the challenging goal what you really want to get started with.   You can name its facet on the go and return to define the whole facet view later on.

Click on Goals and select the button named "New Goal"

Quick Plan

It'a a proven and well-known facts that we are creature of Habits, so defining good, positive habits is key to reaching your Goals.  Even if you just set one Habit to get started, you will make some progress and can come later on and add more, but you should do this right away after creating your Goal.

Go to your Goals List

Click on the "Details" Button next to your goal.

Click on "New Habit" and Define your first success Habit

    • Give it a positive title
    • Decide how many times a week you should do it
    • Estimate how much time it will take approximately for your to do this habit. 


Take Action Today

 Now you're ready to go to your Dashboard and record your Action!

You'll be motivated to take action with the colorful visual display and prioritized list of Goals and Habits. 

The Journey to Balanced Goals
Reach Goals Faster


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Saturday, 06 June 2020