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Have you ever set goals and not been able to follow-up?  

The same think has happened to me as well, until I decided to apply what I knew about flying and Aerospace Engineering to allow a new way to manage your goals in a holistic way, just like airplanes are designed and operated taking into account their whole systems... in a holistic way!

  • Boost your performance and satisfaction Reach your Goals like Aerospace Engineer and Pilot handles aircraft systems
  • Your Success Habits Dashboard will stimulate you to take action
  • Leading-Edge Aerospace Systems Approach by a retired Aerospace engineer and Pilot.
  • Keep your busy Life more Balanced with your dashboard and Reports

Your Goal Interceptor Instruments 

  • Simple Project Management tools for your Life 

  • Define and Prioritize your Goals with clear and simple forms 

  • Structured for effective Planning of Success Habits and objectives
  • Record your actions and progress in a holistic context, visualize results with Stimulating Graphs
  • Stay Motivated and Adapt your Plans to overcome obstacles and Maintain Life Balance

 Your personalized Goals DashboardGet Started Today

Start Defining your Success Plans and get visual feedback on how you are doing. 

Life Balance 

  •  Define your Life Purposes
  • Track goals and projects across Work, Life and your other Life Facts
  • Create Plans to reach your goals and visually check your planned Life Balance
  • Track Goals effort and projects and cross-check your actual balance.

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Monday, 01 June 2020