Goals Visual Indicators

The Weekly and Daily Pie Charts have been upgraded to a Bar Chart

  • The graph is still divided by Facets
  • The thicker vertical lines represent the total time allocation for a Facet
    • The Habit time commitment for each Goals are grouped by Facets
  • Green bar is for the weekly proportion of time allocation you have recorded
  • Skin bar is for the daily proportion of time recorded
  • Bars reaching the 100% line means time spent working on goals 
  • Equal bars means Balance in proportion time spent.

 Facets with no goals or no action are not shown on the graph. 

12 Dec 2012 - The colors for the dashboard have been updated:

  1. Red shows what requires more attention (less than 75% completion over the past 7 days)
  2. Purple for new tasks in their first week
  3. Green for tasks that are completed to 100% of their target for the past 7 days
  4. Blue for tasks you have done Today

We have also simplified and streamlined the Record Event form (accessed from the green arrow) so that it takes less time to record an event.  

Thanks to your feedback!  Keep your comments coming !

We have added two video Tutorials to get Started. Watch them here.

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