The Pure Goals Team is lead by Michael Codere.  He designed and created this website to help people achieve their Goals & feeling great at the same time.  Michael lives in Ottawa, Canada.  For the past 30 years, Michael has been an avid defender of Achievement, Life Balance and science-based tools and solutions to simplify achievement.  

After programming the on-board software, Michael Codere had to test it in flight - fun!

Michael draws from a vast personal experience in fitness and rich family life, balanced with a busy professional life and business management.  Michael retired as a Canadian Air Force Aerospace Engineering Officer. During his service, he developed flight software for the F18 jet. While he worked on the software of this highly agile and complex aircraft, he envisioned a similar approach could be useful for personal Goal Setting.  

Our lives are a dynamic and complex set of situations:

A jet trying to evade a missile is similar to people attempting to balance a busy work life with a complete home life tending to a family, staying healthy and happy.  

Beautiful Journey of Success

Having worked with complex technology and large teams lead Michael to learn ways to manage complexity and simplify things to get good results:

See your Dream Goals gradualy become reality

The Goal Interceptor App

In 2012, Michael was the proud owner of a second startup 

company developing the new Goals Achievement App from scratch, applying General Aviation Science and Technology, standard Project Management and Holistic knowledge about people and Goals, Michael designed and built the  Goal Interceptor App with his two sons.


The System has proven so efficient and intuitive that Michael has been invited to present the approach and the App to the Project Management Institute conference in Ottawa.   


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It only takes 5 minutes to setup and start tracking your progress towards your Goals.  

More about Michael

Michael Codere Goal Interceptor Coach

  • A Bsc in Mathematics and Physics was followed by a Masters degree in Engineering, plus much programming experience. Always trying to simplify and solve complex problems efficiently became a central part of his day-to-day work.
  • Michael went-on to become a certified Project Manager with the Project Management Institute (, earning the PMP certification (Professiional Project Manager).
  • Managing complex Air Force multi-million dollar projects from start to finish became a passion, dealing with airborne software and operational efficiency. 
  • Seeking  to understand better how to optimize people`s performance, Michael became a certified Coach with the Certified Coach Federation (CCF)
  • Beleiving in a healthy Body - Mind relationship, Michael has been a steady jogger for the past 20 years and started meditation a year ago.


Proud supporter of:

      Michael is a certified Project Manager with the Project Management Institute          Contractor selected by the Government of Canada      Michael's profile on Linked-in       
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