Achievement with Life Balance

Goals Success meeting Health & Happiness


Holistic Tool to optimize your Total Achievement: Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • Formulate a Healthy Life Plan, including Goals and Holistic Habits!
  • Positive and Healthy Habits are the foundation of any Goals achievement

  • Supports measurable objectives.

  • Regular Mindful habits and Measurable Habits are Balanced to

    • Measure Goal progress and

    • Discover what works well for you.

  • Start organizing your Goals for Life Balance, Free Trial Registration.



This Tool is available directly for your PC, Mac, or Smartphones. Seize the moment and track your successes,  Journal your feelings, Thoughts, and Happiness.


The next Challenge is Yours:

Why not take a few minutes and Define your Balanced Goals and Action Plans Look Like.

Track your Balanced Progress over the next few days and see how it feels, measure your Progress!


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Track your Goals and Success Habits

The Goal Interceptor online App was designed from scientific engineering principles and supported through clear and scientifically proven holistic principles such as the link between the Mind and the Body, the impact of positive Habits, and having measurable indicators to track Goal Progress.

Because we all have different Lives, the process starts with you defining your core values (3 to 5) and then defining one goal at a time.

For each Goal, you'll then define measurable objectives, with target dates. Also, determine the positive habits that will support the achievement of your goals and will foster more happiness. The big idea is to foster goal achievement while keeping our work-life and mind-body lives in balance and being happier in our own personal way.

Goal Progress Charts such as this one are great at showing the power of habits you do consistently and the measurable Progress enabled by good habits (light blue area). The overall Goal progress is tracked with both habit consistency AND quantifiable results, but of course, you decide when you have reached your Goal.




There is Power in Number - Join Teams adapted to Your Goals and Lifestyle.


  • With the exclusive Social Groups, you'll never be alone facing your challenges!
  • The App comes integrated with its own Social environment where Awards for making Progress or reaching Goals are shared anonymously with other members so that the Good Mood benefits are shared.
  • Want to share more to give added encouragement to your fellow members? Post your own comments on your activities, "Like" other people's achievement, or ask for advice!
  • The whole Aim of the Groups is to share encouragements from successes and Lift each other so that together everyone goes farther!
  • Don't find a group that suits you? Create your own and invite your friends or other App users.











Manage Life Facets


Identify what type of activities are essential for you

Goal Setting


Set Goals to achieve your most important tasks and dreams



Set what Goals are most important to you and see the impact on your Habits and Tasks

App Trial offer to cover these aspects of a more Holistic LifeAction Plan


Identify Key Habits towards your Goals and specific Objectives to measure Progress

Holistic Approach facet

Use our Tools and Visual Reports to Balance Whole Life and keep track of Mind-Body-Harmony

Success Habits


Define the regular Habits that will bring you Success and get Visual Reminder

Track Progressobjective progress

As you work on your Success Habits, track Progress with insightful visual reports and Email Progress Notifications

Color-Coded Visual

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The Habit dashboard uses color to give you positive feedback and bring your attention to what you need to do more

Adapt your Plan


While you journey towards your Goals, use your journal notes and data about your performance to adapt your plan to optimize your performance

















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